Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters in The World


Formula Rossa

Intimidator 305

Kingda Ka

Leviathan Roller coaster

Millennium Force

Ring Racer

Steel Dragon

Superman Roller Coaster

Top Thrill Dragster

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World in 2016








New Zealand



The Bean, Millennium Park in Chicago

Cloud Gate also called as “The Bean” due to its bean shaped structure is a public structure located in Millennium Park in the Loop Community area of Chicago, Illinois. The sculpture was made by an Indian-born British artist AnishKapoor. The reason of its fame is that it was made up of stainless steel. 168 stainless steel plates have been welded together and polished so perfectly that there are no visible seams. The highly polished surface reflects and distorts the city skyline. Under the bean shaped structure is an arch, the underside of which is an “omphalos”, a concave chamber which warps and multiplies reflections. The sculpture has become increasingly popular among tourists.

The Bean

The Bean
The sculpture was actually made by Kapoor in a design competition. It was formally dedicated on May 15, 2006. The mayor of Chicago declared that day as “Cloud Gate Day”. AnishKappor also attended the celebration. People instantly took a liking to the amazing structure and it rapidly gained popularity internationally. Kapoor is famous all over the United States as the architect of this amazing piece of art. The Bean received great appreciation by critics and magazines. New York Times called it a “tourist magnet” and an “extraordinary art project”

The Bean
The sculpture was inspired by “liquid mercury” and depicts a giant drop of liquid mercury. Kapoor named it “Cloud Gate” because 80% of its surface reflects the sky. However, it has become popular among people as “The Bean” because of its shape. People particularly love to take pictures with their warped reflections on the smooth surface of the Bean. Another reason for its increasing popularity is that its reflecting surface actually seems to be a bend in space and time. It seems to actually bend the Chicago sky-line itself!

Many famous films have also been shot here with the Bean adding to the beauty of the scenes. Some famous movies include “The Vow”, “Source Code”, “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, “The Break-Up”, “Dhoom 3” and also in some music videos.
Thus, if you are planning to visit Chicago then make sure to visit Cloud Gate. It will most certainly make your trip memorable.

Top 5 Most Popular Cities In United States

1. New York City
New York is the most popular city of United states, This city is the very popular urban agglomeration in the world.This Place is know of it's art, fashion, research, technology, media, education, and entertainment.New York is the most populated city in United States, the population estimated in 2013 about 8405837. There are too many languages are spoken approximately 800.

2. Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the most wonderful city of U.S State California and the 2nd most populous city of United states. In 2010 estimated population of this city 3792621. Los Angeles area are so large about 649 Square-miles and it's located in southern side of California.

3. Washington DC
Washington DC is the capital city of United States, it's estimated population is 658893 in 2014. Washington DC is he 23 most populous city in USA. Commuters from the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs raise the city's population to more than one million during the workweek. The Washington metropolitan area, of which the District is a part, has a population of 5.8 million, the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area in the country.

4. San Francisco
Symbolized by the red rafters of the Golden Gate Bridge, this legendary city on the San Francisco Bay is known for its neighborhoods, such as Chinatown and the hippie-turned-hate enclave of Height-Ash-bury. While San Francisco is an ideal city for nature lovers as well as the jet set, it is also a great jumping-off point for trips to the vineyard estates in Napa Valley or to the colossal tech campuses of Silicon Valley.

5.Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the wonderful city of United states, and very famous city the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining and nightlife and is the leading financial and cultural center for Southern Nevada.

Luxembourg Wonderful Tourists Spot In Western Europe

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that is completely surrounded by land i.e. a non coastal area. This place is the only Majestic Dukedom of the world. Luxembourg has several attractions to offer to the tourists. A magnificent Duke rules this place. Luxembourg owns a number of amazing hotels and features an exceptional merging of customs and ethnicity. It mainly comprises of rolling hills and forests. Several tourists visit this place every year and enjoy the remarkable attractions that this place offers.

Notre Dame, was built between 1613 and 1621, is considered the most significant religious place in Luxembourg. It houses assets, the regal family treasury and the holy coffin of John the Blind. The yearly Octave of the Lady of Luxembourg is held at the Notre Dame Cathedral and takes place after Easter. Thousands of pilgrims from all around the universe come to attend this event.
Moselle Valley is famous for its winery and vineyard. Vineyards are located on the slopes of each side of the Moselle River. You can get a guided tour in the vineyards and get to know the complete process of wine making. Mondarf-Les-Bains is a place in Luxembourg where you can find a health spa and the only casino available in this place.The vineyards are one of the most significant tourist attractions in Luxembourg.

In 1459, a terrifying fire damaged Chateau of the Counts. The history of the city and castle can be found here. The market at Guillaume is filled with colors every Saturday and Wednesday. All types of flowers, vegetables and goods of any kind can be found here. National Museum of Arts and History depicts all the artwork from 15th to 18th century. It exhibits exciting historic, ecological and archaeological phases.
A mix of German and Latin influence is the specialty of Luxembourg’s cuisine. Ham in Hay, Green Bean Soup, Potato Soup, Jugged Hare, Trout in Riesling Sauce and Nettle soup are some of the favorite dishes in Luxembourg. Consequently, a huge variety of tourist destinations are available for tourists of every age to enjoy their stay in Luxembourg.

Gateway Arch Inspiring Landmarks in United States

One of the most inspiring landmarks in United States is the Gateway Arch. Located in St. Louis, Missouri the Gateway Arch is an important landmark in the area and is also a truly amazing architectural masterpiece. One of the tallest landmarks in St. Louis, the Gateway Arch receives thousands of visitors every day.
The Gateway Arch dates as far back as 1947. The arch was designed by Ero Saarinen and Hannskarl Bandel. There are three important events in the American history that the Gateway Arch signifies. Fore mostly it was built to show the expansion of USA towards west. But three important historical events that led to the construction of this memorial are the Louisiana Purchase, the construction of Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis and the Dred Scott case.

Before its construction people debated for some time where to enact the structure that would make their city look magnificent. The original plan was to construct the archway over the Mississippi River but it was soon discovered that the area was not fit for construction of such a structure. So the Gateway Arch was built on the Jefferson National Memorial Expansion.
The construction finally started in 1963 and it took two years to complete it. The Gateway Arch is made in shape of a centenary curve. The total length covered by the Arch is 630 feet from one end to the other. Interestingly it also rises to the height of 630 feet. The Arch is steel plated and was also designed in such a way that it appears to be swaying in wind. The Arch has concrete foundations to stabilize its base.

The Gateway Arch is not only fun to see from the ground but tourists can also go all the way to the top and look at the land for miles on all sides. The egg shaped elevators take tourists to the top and then bring them down. The Gateway Arch also provides you with an opportunity to watch a movie about the Lewis and Clark expedition at the IMAX Theater. This landmark has stood for more than half a century to welcome people to St. Louis and is definitely worth visiting.


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